Things to Know About Aluminum Grades and their Applications

What is Aluminium?

Aluminum is a material with the most adaptable feature. It finds usage in the kitchen and airplane manufacturing. We harness aluminum’s properties in appropriate ways, making it suitable for applications such as aviation, cooking wares, plumbing, dials, and so forth. Aluminum 1100 Plates have shapes and sizes of each grade with its own set of characteristics. 

Grades of Aluminum Alloy

There are many grades of aluminum but we will see three main grades of aluminum alloy, including 1100, 3003, and 6061. Each grade is suitable for specific applications based on its special characteristics.

Grade 1100: Aluminum grade 1100 is considered to be the purest form of aluminum as it is created with 99% of purity. Aluminum 1100 plates are commercially accessible because of their workability and ductility features. It is additionally simple to weld or shape this aluminum in any structure. Contrasting with different metals, aluminum does not solidify when heated and adapts well to corrosion resistance and weldability. The high thermal conductivity gives it a competitive advantage in thermal conductivity-demanding applications. 

This versatile metal allows shaping into a variety of forms and products. Manufacturers use Aluminum 1100 grade to produce products like railway tank wagons, pharmaceutical machinery, dials, etc. These are some of the examples. Plumbing industries use robust aluminum alloy.

Grade 3003: Aluminium 3003 Plates are pure materials with a manganese additive to increase the strength of the alloy. It contains 1.2 % Mn, 0.12% Cu, and 98.6 % aluminum which has weld-ability power with affordable prices to reach customer satisfaction. This finds usage in a wide range of applications. While it is not as good as aluminum 100 and 6061 grades in terms of corrosion resistance, it remains the more cost-effective choice for various fields of applications.

The most commonly used type is Aluminum 3003. Besides its general-purpose use, it also finds application in making pan covers and appliance parts, but it cannot tolerate high temperatures, like those found in a microwave or grill.

Grade 6061: Among aluminum alloy grades, grade 6061 is considered the most important component. The corrosion resistance of Aluminium 6061 Plates is much higher than that of alloys in the 300 series. Compared to 250 alloys of the same thickness, it is much stronger and better at heat welding.

Aluminum compound is an adaptable material that is appropriate for high-wear items like drains and furniture with noticeable moldings. Moreover, owing to its excellent consumption opposition and strength, it is wonderful in sticky circumstances.

Few metals are as adaptable as aluminum. Aluminum, which has several applications, can be used to make construction materials as well as culinary utensils. If you want to purchase aluminum 1100, however, or another grade, you will need to find a suitable supplier.

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Things to Know About Aluminum Grades and their Applications

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